Social Impact Brand Strategy Process

Our brand strategy process is designed to establish the most important and foundational core messaging your business will use to describe who you are, what you do, and, most importantly, why you do it.

When completed, your brand strategy will serve as the filter through which all of your internal and external content and messaging flow, regardless of the medium. It will also serve as an essential resource that ensures your team is aligned around the core messaging.

Please invest quality time completing the questionnaires for each section listed below and our team will gather the information and make suggestions based on your responses.

Part 1

Why Statement

Serves as an anchor and a reminder of the driving force that motivates you to lead and grow your business.


Captures the idealistic future state that your company foresees as a result of your work. It is your North Star - the direction you are headed in (regardless of how unrealistic it may sound).


Answers the questions, What are you here to do? How do you work toward that idealistic future state? Seeks to simplify and make abundantly clear what your company does and the high-level demographics of your target audience.

Core Values

Action-oriented statements that let others know what you're all about when you operate at your natural best.

Part 2

Brand Voice/Personality

The combination of characteristics or qualities that form your company's unique identity, including the tone and style, or attitude, of all your communications.


Draws attention to the problem that your company seeks to solve through its products or services as well as your high-level approach to solving the problem.


A clear definition of the product categories or services your company provides that show a direct correlation to your solution to the problem.

Central Characters

Defining the heroes of your company's story and those who serve as guides on the hero's journey.

Part 3


How your company meets needs that customers or clients are not getting met anywhere else, including promises that your brand is committed to delivering.

Target Audience

More clearly defining the "end users" of your marketing efforts - the customer/client categories you want to reach through your website, advertising, email marketing, social media, etc.

Calls to Action

Identifies the specific and prioritized actions you want those in your target audience to take once they engage with your brand.

Brand Narrative

Standardized copy used to communicate your company's story in such a way that it serves as a compelling invitation for people to engage with your products or services.